Member of Political Council of the Party Prosperous Armenia

Prosperous Armenia ‘most elector-favored’ party

ԲՀԿ-ն ինքնամաքրվո՞ւմ է  Tigran Urikhanyan, Spokesman for the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), believes that the PAP is the political force that has been “most clearly” elected and has overcome numerous difficulties in the past 17 to 20 years, which is obvious to all of its political opponents.

  “What’s all this talk about?” Urikhanyan told as he commented on a statement by the ex-member of the opposition bloc Armenian National Congress (ANC), who said that the PAP’s legitimacy can be challenged as well as that of Armenia’s authorities - or even more seriously – because it was much better organized in bribing voters that the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA).

  Urikhanyan considers illogical election bribe charges against the “the political force that enjoys the highest political rating.”

  With respect to Shahnazaryan’s statement that “hardly any opposition force in Armenia’s parliament would put Vartan Oskanian, a well-known political figure of the Kocharyan-led regime, as second on its list,” Urikhanyan said that Oskanian is an intelligent person, widely experienced in foreign policy, who will do a great deal for the Armenian nation. The PAP considers it advisable to use Oskanian’s potential.

  In his interview with Azatutyun Radio Shahnazaryan said that “the May 6 parliamentary election enabled the rudiments of the Kocharyan-led regime appear in public and show rather serious ambitions.” 05.07.2012

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