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World community should give adequate response to Azerbaijani moves

ԲՀԿ-ն ինքնամաքրվո՞ւմ է  The Aliyev regime has no other grounds to justify its existence for Azerbaijan people but to struggle against Armenia in every possible way, spokesperson for Prosperous Armenia party Tigran Urikhanyan told Armenian

  He is convinced it is related to aggressive, inhumane, “Safarov style” police in the neighboring state.

  “As to Armenia, the country should develop to contribute to strengthening of military and defense capabilities of the army so that the enemy could realize that escalation would bring to worse consequences. Foreign policy and diplomacy of official Yerevan should underline that Azerbaijan's policy is unacceptable,” he said.

  The MP noted that international community should give an adequate response.

  “I would like the United States, as a co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group, and representatives of EU and other international agencies to express their unbiased views on the recent developments over Karabakh issue,” Ulikhanyan emphasized.

  According to Karabakh Defense Ministry, Azerbaijani group made an attempt to attack a military outpost on July 31. Two Armenian soldiers were killed, while on July 1 Azerbaijani media reported about over 10 killed. 02.08.2014

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