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Prosperous Armenia young members hint coalition is dead

Prosperous Armenia young members hint coalition is deadPanARMENIAN.Net - Members of the proportional electoral list of coalition Prosperous Armenia party Tigran Urikhanyan (ranked 20th) and Vahan Babayan (ranked 19th) spoke about the ruling coalition which comprises Prosperous Armenia as well.

“Elections are due in 35 days, and the coalition is left behind; it is the past already,” Babayan told journalists.

“The coalition no longer exists; the election campaign has started,” he said mentioning that each of coalition parties is running for the parliament separately.

For his part, Urikhanyan reminded the opinion he had voiced earlier: “the coalition is a union that has “its beginning and its end”.” Prosperous Armenia representative said political forces that form the coalition cannot be associated with one another.

Prosperous Armenia now comes up as an alternative to all political forces including the coalition ones, Urikhanyan said.

When asked to comment on the provision specified in the coalition memorandum saying Prosperous Armenia commits to support candidacy of Serzh Sargsyan, current President of Armenia, leader of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia in 2013 presidential race, Urikhanyan did not reply saying Prosperous Armenia leader Gagik Tsarukyan has already answered this question.

“This refers to national, state interests, and I don’t think you should manipulate this,” he declared. 31.03.2012

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