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Prosperous Armenia Party list to prove surprise for public

Prosperous Armenia Party list to prove surprise for public. Tigran UrikhanyanThe approval of an election program will be on the agenda on the Prosperous Armenia Party’s (PAP) congress.

As regards the PAP candidates in single-member constituencies, one should not look for political intrigues, Tigran Urikhanyan, a PAP Political Council member, told journalists on Friday.

The PAP is going to nominate its candidates in all the constituencies where they are efficient.

With respect to the PAP list, Urikhanyan noted that it will be submitted to the public after the PAP congress.

“The public will see numerous reputable people on our list. They are widely experienced in both law-making and executive functions. They are well-known and respected people, who have no problem of changing their status. Our party prefers them considering their experience and authority,” Urikhanyan said. 16.03.2012

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